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Medical guide

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Outpatient building floor index
Basement level library distribution center
1st floor Emergency department Outpatient infusion room Blood collection room Outpatient laboratory
Western Pharmacy Fees Office Registration Office Pediatric Clinic Pediatric Infusion Room
2nd floor Surgery, anorectal clinic Anorectal specialist clinic Breast outpatient Obstetrics and gynecology clinic Orthopedic clinic Surgery clinic Orthopedic specialist outpatient review Residual room Mental health clinic Ultrasound ECG room Endoscope room Charger
Three-layer Respiratory Gastroenterology Clinic Cardiovascular Department Outpatient Encephalopathy Clinic Endocrinology and Endocrinology Clinic Otolaryngology Clinic Radiology Interventional Catheter Room
Four-story dental department physical examination department
Five-tier Chinese medicine comprehensive treatment area Acupuncture and moxibustion clinic Acupuncture and moxibustion expert clinic
Acupuncture clinic, needle specialist, outpatient clinic, treatment of untreated clinic
Ophthalmology clinic physiotherapy room laser room holistic treatment room
Wang Shaofeng Heritage Studio Wang Guohua Grassroots Old Chinese Medicine Heritage Studio
Six-story computer center finance department union office office party office first meeting room second meeting room note: urology clinic, urology specialist outpatient clinic