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Hospital overview

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The core cultural value of Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

  (1) Hospital training

  Jingzhong Rongxi

  (2) Hospital objectives

  Both China and the West are promoting and promoting the yellow and pragmatic innovation and caring for health.

  (three) the hospital emblem




  The logo of the hospital emblem of the Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine is based on the double circle, which is perfect and harmonious. The color is mainly blue and green. The main body is centered on the upwardly spiraling DNA curve and the needle of the Chinese medicine acupuncture. The upwardly extending curve symbolizes the vigorous development of the hospital's performance. The two curves that are intertwined and entangled are connected together, which means that there is no difference between Chinese and Western medicine, and the noble medical ethics of communication and symbiosis. The traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture "needle" indicates that the hospital is based in China, backed by profound medical skills, and is a pearl in the medical industry.

  (four) management philosophy

  Medical Deli Hospital, Integrity Office, Science and Education Institute, Cultural Institute

  (5) Court song




  (6) Affirmation of Chinese and Western Medicine

  As a Chinese and Western doctor: We pass on the yellow fire, and the essence is Rongxi and Bocheng.

  We solemnly promise:

  Promote: humanitarian professionalism & mdash; & mdash; respect, care, and guard every life.

  Compliance: The doctor's training of sincerity, the practice of cultivating the human beings.

  Adhere to: the principles of health first, equality and love, honesty and dedication, and lifelong learning.

  Adhering to: the foundation of the hospital where the interests of the patients are supreme, and the satisfaction of the service.

  Consciously maintain the sacredness, sublimity and glory of the profession.

  Taking the responsibility of defending human health as its own responsibility, it has created the glory of tomorrow's hospital.

  (7) Nurse's oath (Nandingale vows)

  Yu Cheng is sincere and solemn (in front of God and the congregation) to swear:

  Lifelong purity, loyalty,

  Try to improve the standards of care;

  Don't be detrimental,

  Do not take or take harmful drugs;

  Care for the patient's housework and secrets,

  Dedicated to the doctor's diagnosis and treatment,

  The welfare of the sick.

  I swear!

  (8) “13th Five-Year” development goal

  Adhering to the value concept of “Secret in the West”

  Guided by exquisite service,

  Supported by superb technology,

  Protected by a good team,

  With sincerity and benevolence as the soul, we will build a four-level hospital with four-in-one medical care, teaching, scientific research and rehabilitation, and a leading domestic and integrated Chinese and Western medicine.