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Hospital environment

After the actual investigation of the surrounding environment of the hospital, combined with the hospital website information disclosure catalogue, the surrounding environment of the hospital and the hospital traffic were re-determined.

First, the surrounding traffic.

1. Name of public transportation stop:

Yongding Intersection East Station: 436 Road, 1 Road, 373 Road, 370 Road, Yuntong 120 Road.

Yongding Road South Station: 941 Road, 76 Road, 334 Road, 64 Road, 701 Road, 611 Road, Yuntong 113 Road.

2. Out-of-housing surrounding parking lot:

Underground parking lot of Changyin Building (24 hours), underground parking lot of Bailang Park (24 hours).

Second, the hospital traffic.

1. Due to the renovation and expansion project, the hospital will take the ambulance to the east gate of Zaolin Road Hospital and the south gate of Yongding Road East Street Hospital.

2. There are 20 temporary parking spaces in the hospital.