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Hospital overview

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Hospital overview

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  First, the hospital organization chart:




(1) Dean's duties and authority
1. Under the leadership of the higher authorities, in accordance with the party's guidelines and policies, comprehensively lead the work of the hospital, including medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health education, personnel, finance and general affairs.
2. Lead the development of the work plan of the hospital, arrange, review and summarize the work on schedule, and report to the leading organs.
3. Responsible for organizing and inspecting the divisional labor and medical work and the work of the site.
4. Educate employees to establish the idea of ​​serving the people wholeheartedly and good medical ethics, transforming medical style and work style, and improving service attitude. Supervise and inspect the implementation of rules and regulations and technical operating procedures to prevent the occurrence of errors.
5. Study and deal with the opinions of the people on hospital work in a timely manner.
6. Responsible for the organization of hospitals, the determination of personnel responsibilities, and the deployment of resources and personnel.
7. Organize, develop and approve the quality policy and quality objectives of the hospital.
8. Responsible for the approval of quality manual
9. Responsible for management review.
10. Responsible for the handling of serious errors.
(2) Responsibilities and authorities of the vice president of business
Under the leadership of the Dean, in charge of the hospital's medical, nursing, medical technology and other departments and preventive health and community medicine work
(3) Responsibilities and authorities of the assistant to the dean
Under the leadership of the dean, in charge of the hospital's administrative, financial, general affairs and other departments.
(4) Responsibilities of the hospital office (Contact: 010_88223606)
1. Under the leadership of the competent dean, responsible for the comprehensive drafting of the work plan, drafting the work summary and other documents assigned by the dean.
2. Responsible for the review, transmission and reception, registration, transmission and circulation of the secretarial work and administrative documents of the whole hospital, the filing of files, custody, utilization, etc.
3. Assist the dean, the vice president, and the assistant to the dean to handle the daily administrative work of the hospital.
4. Responsible for the overall control of the hospital quality management system documents.
(5) Responsibilities of the Personnel Section (Contact: 010_88223610)
Under the leadership of the Dean, in accordance with the personnel work policies, systems and relevant regulations, personnel work, including training and daily management.
1. Develop a medical work plan and conduct a summary of medical work.
2. Assist the dean of the hospital in organizing the implementation and inspection of the implementation of the rules and regulations and technical operation procedures of medical and technical personnel at all levels.
3. Education and organization of medical staff at all levels to earnestly implement national policies and regulations, improve professional ethics and service quality. Under the guidance of the dean of the hospital, he is responsible for the health education work of the whole hospital.
4. Take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of medical accidents and errors, and investigate, report and deal with medical disputes and medical errors and accidents.
(7) System structure and job responsibilities of the nursing part
Under the leadership of the Director of Operations, the Director of the Department of Nursing is responsible for all aspects of the care system.
(8) Responsibilities of Hospital Infection Management Division (Contact: 010_68212075)
1. Under the leadership of the deputy director of the business, responsible for the daily work of hospital infection management.
2. Develop a hospital infection management plan and organize implementation.
3. Supervise and inspect the implementation of the hospital's hospital infection management rules and regulations, regularly monitor the hospital's environmental pollution, the use of disinfection drugs, and put forward evaluation opinions.
4. Investigate, collect, collate, and analyze monitoring data on hospital infections and report them as required.
(9) Scope of duties of the General Affairs Division (Contact: 010_88223630)
1. Responsible for the organization of the maintenance, distribution, construction and expansion of hospital real estate.
2. Responsible for the maintenance and management of water, electricity and gas.
3. Responsible for the hospital hygiene management.
4. Responsible for hospital greening, beautification and sewage treatment, clothing washing and mortuary management.
5. Responsible for staff canteen management.
(10) Job responsibilities of the outpatient office (Contact: 010_88223581)
1. Under the leadership of the Vice President of Business, responsible for outpatient, prevention, teaching and administrative management.
2. Fully grasp the medical and nursing work of outpatients in various departments, and be responsible for organizing the examination and treatment of outpatients and the consultation and rescue work of emergency, critical and difficult patients.
3. Lead and organize the examination and evaluation of outpatient medical quality and medical record quality, hold regular meetings, regular awards and reports.
(11) Scope of duties of the equipment department (Contact: 010_88223558)
1. Supply of medical equipment: According to the needs of clinical and medical technology departments, according to the principles of economy and practicality, formulate the purchase and renewal plan of equipment and equipment, and deliver it to the distribution center for approval.
2. Management of medical equipment: including the use and management of equipment.
3. Maintenance of medical equipment: Through the management of equipment maintenance and repair work, the equipment is always in the best technical state.
(12) Scope of duties of the distribution center (Contact: 010_88223618)
After purchasing and updating the equipment and equipment for the equipment department, the company plans to purchase and purchase the equipment, and provide the hospital with a full range of technical equipment with complete performance and excellent performance to meet the needs of medical, teaching and research work in the hospital.
(13) Terms of Reference of the Information Department (Contact: 010_88223616)
1. Responsible for the formulation, implementation and daily maintenance of hospital hospital information construction planning.
2. According to the needs of hospital information management, compile computer software to study hospital information development and management.
3. Do a good job in the maintenance of the computer system to ensure the safe use of the computer.
Second, the function of the clinical department (contact: 010_88223609)
1. Organize the arrangement of medical staff rotation, on-duty, consultation, outpatient, and outpatient visits.
2. The attending physician collects the information of the newly admitted patient (such as the detailed address, relative's name, telephone number, etc.), and completes or guides the resident in a timely and timely manner to complete the writing of various medical documents. 3. All levels of physicians participate in the ward round, the attending physician will conduct ward round guidance on the second day after the patient is admitted to the hospital. If the diagnosis is unknown, the director must check the room within three days.
4. The competent physicians at all levels shall master the patient's condition changes. When the patient is ill, dead, medical accident or other important problems, he shall promptly handle it and report to the director of the department. The director of the department organizes clinical medical record discussion to jointly solve the diagnosis and treatment of critical and difficult cases. The problem, the director or deputy chief physician participated in the rescue treatment and discussion consultation for critical and difficult cases.
5. Responsible for providing feedback on the clinical application of medical devices, drugs, etc.
Third, the functions of the medical technology department (contact: 010_88223609)
(1) The scope of duties of the anesthes department
1. Responsible for elective surgery for anesthesia. Strictly implement technical operation routines and check the system to ensure safety.
2. Anesthesia should stick to the post during anesthesia, observe closely, and record carefully.
3. Postoperative follow-up should be performed after anesthesia.
4. The anesthesia equipment should be cleaned in time after the operation, and kept in a safe place for regular maintenance. Narcotic drugs should be replenished in time.
(2) Scope of Pharmacy
1. Responsible for providing quality assurance and safe use of drugs for clinical use according to the government's unified procurement requirements.
2. Responsible for drug storage and inventory management under conditions of moisture, smashing, anti-mouse, anti-theft, anti-high temperature, anti-deterioration and anti-failure conditions.
3. Responsible for the quality inspection of the hospital, including the inspection and management of the effective period drugs, old drugs, counterfeit and deteriorating drugs and doors, emergency and pharmacy base medicines.
4. Responsible for the deployment and verification of outpatient prescriptions and ward prescriptions.
5. Responsible for the daily management of Chinese and Western pharmacies and ward pharmacies in outpatient clinics.
(3) Scope of Radiology
1. Responsible for the patient's consultation, registration and inpatient admission fee entry, review the patient to provide the old film number.
2. Photo technicians according to the severity of the condition and the chronological order, according to the application form specification photo.
3. The punching technician is responsible for rinsing the film in the darkroom and reviewing the photo quality. The photo is sent to the main doctor in response to the application.
4. The main class doctor is responsible for serious and comprehensive reading, making timely and correct judgments, and issuing affirmative, negative or suspicious reports. In case of difficult cases, you can ask the higher doctor or the general practitioner to discuss the report.
5. Special doctors are responsible for the appointment, preparation, operation and diagnosis of patients with gastrointestinal, angiographic and fluoroscopy. 6. The night shift doctor is responsible for all the work from the patient's consultation to the diagnosis.
6. The technician is responsible for the regular dressing change and the daily maintenance of each machine.
(4) Work duties of the laboratory
1. As a medical technology department, the laboratory should work closely with other clinical departments to take patients as the center and do all kinds of inspections. Responsible for the quality control of the department to ensure the accuracy of the results.
2. Responsible for biochemical, clinical, immunological, blood, and bacteriological tests in various departments.
3. Responsible for the supply, distribution and cross-matching of various blood products.