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Department introduction

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Department introduction

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Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the earliest departments in our hospital. It is the key department of the hospital, with gynecological clinics, obstetric clinics and wards. It has 6 clinics, outpatient operating room, gynecological treatment room, medical abortion observation room and obstetric examination room. There are 16 doctors, 2 chief physicians, 4 deputy chief physicians, 6 attending physicians, and 4 resident doctors. All of them are undergraduate or above, including 2 master students. There are 33 nurses, including 10 midwives. The professional level and service quality of all medical staff are well received by most patients, and their professional and technical strength is strong.


Pay attention to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, highlight the characteristics of double diagnosis and treatment, specialize in the treatment of gynecological inflammation, infertility, menstrual disorders, menstrual disorders (trauma headache, fever, etc.), dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, menopause Syndrome, pregnancy (precursor abortion, habitual abortion, hyperemesis in pregnancy), postpartum lochia, postpartum joint pain, gynecological tumors, etc., gynecological family planning (painless, drug flow, upper ring, ring, fallopian tube) Ligation, etc., hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery, gynecological plastic surgery, etc., the application of advanced electronic colposcopy, Leep knife, microwave therapy instrument, far infrared phototherapy instrument, tubal fluid therapy instrument and other advanced instruments. Laparoscopy is the preferred treatment for gynecological benign tumors such as ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), uterine fibroids, ovarian simple cysts, benign mature teratoma, and ovarian coronary cysts. Hysteroscopy is the preferred surgical procedure for women with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, submucosal fibroids, and endometrial polyps. Palace and laparoscopic surgery are minimally invasive surgery, with less bleeding, faster postoperative recovery, less complications, etc. The development of uterine and laparoscopy provides high-quality medical services for patients, meeting the needs of patients, and receiving extreme Great welcome.


Our department adheres to the principle of “people-oriented”, timely treatment, short hospital stay, fast turnover, and reduced economic burden. The annual delivery volume is 1,500, and the delivery volume is comparable to that of tertiary hospitals, but the average hospitalization cost is far lower than that of tertiary hospitals. All obstetricians and gynecologists will make you recover quickly with superb medical skills, excellent service and low price.