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Department introduction

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Department introduction

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The pediatrics have strong technical strength, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine are remarkable, and the integration of western medicine is integrated. It has achieved good clinical results for the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in children. It has been well received by parents. There are 11 medical staff in the pediatrics and 4 doctors, including 3 Chinese medicine doctors, 1 western medicine doctor and 7 nurses. There are 2 senior titles and 6 intermediate titles. We adhere to the service tenet of “all for the children, for the children”, and provide the most exquisite technology, the best service and the most intimate care for the children's health.


Our department now has disease clinics and growth and development clinics. Disease clinics use acute illness and emergency treatment for common diseases in children. It is especially suitable for children to take medicine. We have developed acupuncture points for treating cold, phlegm, cough and cold. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for various diseases such as wet diarrhea, asthma, rhinitis, constipation, enuresis, etc., has remarkable curative effect. Growth and development clinic for more than 10 years, starting from the discharge of obstetrics, using tracking and testing methods, feeding and nutrition guidance, growth and development monitoring and evaluation for each baby, early detection and intervention of high-risk children's nervous system examination, abnormal behavior, for mother They answer questions. To achieve the development of the baby, there are people who are ill, such a comprehensive and comprehensive pediatric clinic, creating a precedent for pediatric outpatients in the same hospital.


At present, our clinic has a clean and bright infusion room, blue light treatment room, aerosol inhalation, Chinese medicine acupoint application treatment, Chinese medicine clearing physiotherapy, Chinese medicine decoction pieces and formula granule treatment, etc. The principle of "treatment of summer disease", the treatment of children with allergic cough, allergic rhinitis, asthma, repeated respiratory infections and other well-received parents.


There are 4 pediatric doctors, 3 masters, 1 undergraduate, 2 chief physicians and 2 attending physicians. For the common and frequently-occurring diseases of children, we have achieved good curative effect by using the integrated Chinese and Western medicine diagnosis and treatment model. It is deeply loved by parents. The guidance of children's growth and development and early development has filled the gaps in the surrounding areas.


There are 7 nurses in the department, 3 undergraduates and 4 college graduates. 4 intermediate titles. Pediatric nurses are youthful, energetic and energetic. They have solid theoretical foundations, excellent venipuncture and first-aid level, rich experience in pediatric nursing work, and high overall level of treatment and care.


"Xiaoyin yinyang, with love to escort", our pediatric medical staff will be full of love, patience, caring and responsibility, to provide the best quality diagnosis and treatment for each baby. The smiles of the children are the best reward for us!


Outpatient consultation telephone: 88223639, 88223659