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Department introduction

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The Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is a three-level hospital with 50 years of history and undertaking national medical, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care tasks. The medical plastic surgery department of the hospital is the earliest approved medical plastic surgery in Beijing. One of the beauty agencies. Since the opening of the 1980s (1987), the Center has been approved by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau. It has achieved considerable development in the past 30 years of development and has become a famous city in Beijing and even at home and abroad. The plastic surgery authority is a beauty and plastic surgery institution that is popular among foreign Chinese and many domestic beauty seekers. It is an aesthetic consulting and planning partner of many film and television organizations. At present, the center has three full-time senior professional doctors, two doctors and two masters, which provide guarantee for providing efficient and high-quality technology. Two experienced and experienced nursing staff can provide you with comfort, safety and reliability. Postoperative service. There are wards and clinics, totaling about 1000 square meters, with many high-end wards, beautiful environment and complete facilities, so that you have a feeling of farming.


The center operating room is well-decorated and equipped with advanced equipment. It has a multi-function monitor produced by Hewlett-Packard Company of the United States, a fully automated anesthesia machine made in Germany, and an experienced anesthesiologist to monitor the safety of your operation. At the same time, it is equipped with the most advanced German micro-power system, which provides powerful help for minimally invasive and precise maxillofacial surgery. In addition, the current state-of-the-art laser treatment machine that the center is about to purchase has brought good news to the beauty seekers of photorejuvenation and radio frequency wrinkles.


The center's special treatment programs are: the use of a variety of treatments such as minimally invasive, fine body weight plastic, breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplantation, facial contouring, combination of Chinese and Western medicine for the treatment of chloasma, hemorrhoids and so on.


The service tenet of the center is: to give you a satisfactory result with first-class professional technology and first-class service concept!