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Department introduction

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Department introduction

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The Department of Mental Health, Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, specializes in the treatment of common mental illnesses and psychosomatic diseases, and integrates the prevention and treatment of mental illness.


The mental health department mainly treats brain organic mental disorders; mental disorders caused by physical diseases; mental disorders caused by psychoactive substances; schizophrenia; depression; anxiety disorders; stress-related disorders; physiological disorders related to psychological factors.


Current treatment methods include: drug therapy, psychotherapy, and traditional medical treatment. The treatment is integrated and individualized, which accelerates the outcome of physical diseases and truly reflects high efficiency and high cure rate.


Our hospital can conduct a variety of psychological tests (such as MMPI, SAS, SDS, SCL-90, HAMA, HAMD, Raven intelligence, etc.) to provide a quantitative basis for diagnosis and treatment.


Over the years, through a large number of publicity and popularization of mental health knowledge, lectures on mental health knowledge, etc., people's awareness of mental health and mental illness has been greatly improved. In 2016, participated in the "Sunshine Messenger - China Mental Diseases Cloud Care Program" sponsored by Health News. This project is to organize professional doctors to carry out "one-to-many" effective communication and education through online video platform and patients to improve the harm of patients to mental illness. Recognize the importance of long-term standardized treatment, encourage patients to actively participate in disease management education and training, and improve patient compliance.


Mental Health Clinic Time: Every Monday to Thursday morning


The doctor who is visiting is a psychiatrist: Dr. Li Gaofei