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Department introduction

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Department introduction

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The Pharmacy Department of our hospital is a comprehensive medical technology department that integrates drug supply and management, clinical pharmacy and supervision and implementation of drug administration laws and regulations under the direct leadership of the Dean. There are 30 pharmacy technicians, including 2 deputy chief pharmacists, 26 supervisors (middle) divisions, 10 undergraduates, and 2 masters.


The Pharmacy Department is responsible for organizing and implementing pharmacy management including Chinese and Western medicines, drug procurement and drug quality control, and has a sound working system, and actively implements a standardized, legal, targeted, and modern management model. At the same time, the Pharmacy Department also undertakes pharmacy teaching and research work, participates in the collection and reporting of adverse drug reactions, conducts drug consultation services, regularly updates the contents of "medication information", provides drug information and rational drug guidance for patients and clinics, and pharmacists regularly cooperate with clinical wards. Doctors strengthen the development of rational drug use. In order to make the effect of drug management high quality, high efficiency and low consumption. Actively explore the experience of centralized bidding and procurement of drugs, and strive to improve the quality of drug purchases and reduce the retail price of drugs to ensure the economic, safe and effective use of drugs. Timely introduce medical staff to new knowledge, new achievements, new technologies, new methods in the field of pharmacy, and quickly reflect the use and management of hospital drugs.


The Pharmacy Department consists of Chinese and Western medicine warehouses, outpatient pharmacies, western pharmacies, inpatient pharmacies, emergency pharmacies, and decocting rooms. Each department has its own characteristics:


1. Outpatient Chinese and Western Pharmacy: The outpatient pharmacy is the window unit of the hospital. It promotes the transparent listing service and accepts the supervision of the masses with humility. At the same time, a drug consultation service window and a consultation desk are set up to answer questions about the drug knowledge raised by doctors and patients. The Chinese pharmacy and the experts of the Chinese medicine department work closely together to take charge of the prescriptions for the Chinese medicine in the outpatient and inpatients of the hospital, and provide the Chinese herbal medicine service for the patients.


2. Inpatient pharmacy: The inpatient pharmacy is responsible for the supply of medicines and other treatments, examinations, diagnostics and other auxiliary medicines for nearly 350 beds in 9 wards of the hospital. At the same time, it also closely cooperates with the clinical to monitor the drug during the treatment period to ensure the safe, reasonable and effective clinical drug use.


3. Emergency pharmacy: The emergency pharmacy is responsible for the emergency patients and the hospital to observe the adjustment of the patient's medication, providing medication support for the hospital's emergency center 24 hours a day.


4. Chinese and Western Medicine Library: The drug library is the base for drug storage and supply. To undertake the procurement, storage, storage and supply of medicines in the hospital. There are strict electronic management systems for drug deposit and withdrawal management systems, drug expiration dates, and automatic generation of procurement plans.


The Pharmacy Department has a professional team with strong professional competence. In recent years, several papers have been published in national and municipal magazines. Responsible for the practice of teaching pharmacy in many large and medium-sized colleges and universities in China, and teaching dozens of students every year. The Pharmacy Department has always strongly supported young pharmacists to actively enroll in on-the-job or adult education. All young pharmacists have achieved college education or above.


All the colleagues in the pharmacy department strive to achieve our promise with good mental state and excellent service: the pharmacist is at your side, serving you health!