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Department introduction

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Department introduction

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The Department of Clinical Laboratory of Beijing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital is a modern medical testing center integrating medical, teaching and research. It has established 5 majors in clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical routine testing, clinical microbiology and blood transfusion. There are 15 professional and technical personnel, including 8 intermediate titles, 7 junior titles, and 6 graduates with bachelor degree or above. According to the professional group setting, the relevant personnel will be trained in a targeted manner, and each professional group will cultivate a technical backbone with special versatility.


Our department is equipped with Hitachi 7060 automatic biochemical analyzer, VITROS60 automatic biochemical analyzer from Johnson & Johnson, Roche AVL Compact3 blood gas analyzer, KX-21 and KX-21N automatic blood analyzer from SYSMEX, France, ABX MICRO -CRP automatic blood analyzer, Dyre H500 automatic urine analyzer, AxSYM automatic immunoassay analyzer from Abbott, USA, DCA2000+ glycated hemoglobin detector from Bayer, Germany, TEKNICO blood coagulation analyzer, Tianjin blue standard trace element A number of modern inspection equipment such as analyzers. Most of the clinical test items have been tested by our department. All professional laboratories carry out strict indoor quality control and actively participate in the inter-room quality evaluation work of the Ministry of Health and the Beijing Clinical Testing Center. For many years, they have been rated as excellent laboratories by the Beijing Clinical Testing Center.


Our department has undertaken the teaching tasks of the experimental diagnosis course of the Guardian of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the internship teaching work of the test students of Beijing Health School, and all of them have successfully completed the task.


In recent years, the number of papers published in our department has gradually increased, and the quality of papers has been greatly improved.


We are willing to provide the highest quality inspection services for the majority of patients with scientific and strict management, continuous improvement of professional and technical level, and patient-centered. We believe that in the near future, the Beijing Branch of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital will gain a broader development space with the leap-forward development of the hospital, and our future will be brilliant and brilliant!


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