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Science and education work

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Science and education work

[Scientific Research and Teaching] "Three-Five Project" Symposium

海淀师承“三五工程”项目于2012年底启动,我院设有周德安、郭维琴、郭志强、聂莉芳名老中医学术传承工作站和王国华、冯学功海淀名中医工作室。三年的时间飞逝而过,在教师节即将来临之际,北京市中西医结合医院近日举办了师承“三五工程”座谈会。党委书记兼副院长尹占霞、常务副院长徐春凤、王国华及各工作室、站传承人参加了座谈。  座谈会上,传承人感谢医院搭建的师承学习平台,并分享了三年来的学习心得,学生们不仅仅




Haidian Shicheng's "Three-Five Project" project was launched at the end of 2012. Our school has Zhou De'an, Guo Weiqin, Guo Zhiqiang, Nie Lifang, the old Chinese medicine transfer station and Wang Guohua, Feng Xuegong and Haidian famous Chinese medicine studio. Three years passed by, and on the occasion of the upcoming Teacher's Day, the Beijing Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital recently held a seminar on the “Three-Five Project”. Party Secretary and Vice President Yin Zhanxia, Executive Vice President Xu Chunfeng, Wang Guohua and various studios and station leaders participated in the discussion.
At the symposium, the inheritors thanked the hospital for building a learning platform and shared the learning experience for three years. The students were not only impressed by the teachers' academic thoughts, clinical experience, clinical research thinking, but also the teachers. The meticulous spirit of dedication to the cause of Chinese medicine and the noble medical ethics that serve the patients. "Unforgettable teacher, the teacher is always on the road" is the voice of every inheritor. It is the mission of every inheritor to inherit the profound and profound academic thoughts of Chinese medicine.




Teacher Wang Guohua sent a message to the inheritors. Young and middle-aged people are the hope of the future development of Chinese medicine. They must maintain a positive and enterprising learning attitude, learn classics, use classics, use acupuncture and medicine, and use them to be diligent and tireless. The way.
Xu Yuan pointed out that the development of Chinese medicine has gradually entered the "golden age". I hope that the inheritors cherish the current good learning environment, worship more famous teachers, learn more experience, learn from others, form their own characteristics, further standardize diagnosis and treatment, and improve their clinical level. Chinese medicine talents with thoughts, enlightenment and wisdom, and a certain character and spiritual realm, add fuel to our "three-level assessment" work!




Yin Shuji emphasized that the teacher is the only way for the growth of Chinese medicine. The hospital will continue to work hard to provide more opportunities for young and middle-aged physicians to learn from their teachers. The fire of the stars can be used as a successor. As a successor, we must learn the uniqueness of the teacher, inherit the teacher's virtue and skill, diligently practice to form characteristics, create superior diseases with Chinese medicine characteristics, strengthen the connotation of the department, and make ourselves for the development of the hospital. The contribution made Chinese medicine become a characteristic banner of our hospital.