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Facial paralysis, also known as facial nerve paralysis, Bell's palsy, refers to peripheral facial neuritis. Common causes: 1 infectious diseases, such as herpes zoster, herpes simplex, otitis media, mastoiditis; 2 metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiency; 3 surgery, traumatic injury; 4 alcoholism or long-term exposure to toxic substances. The above causes cause facial expression tendon, and the mouth and eyes are skewed, the frontal lines disappear, and the symptoms such as closing eyes, drumsticks, and whistling cannot be closed. The course of the disease is as short as one month and as long as several months. A small number of patients with partial degeneration of the nerves recover slowly, and some can not recover, leaving behind sequelae, causing physical and mental pain to the patient.


Modern medicine often uses hormone or nutrient neuropharmaceutical treatment, and Chinese medicine treatment mostly uses acupuncture, massage or external application of drugs. Modern research believes that the effect of rehabilitation training is better and the occurrence of sequelae is reduced.


Our hospital rehabilitation clinic uses a unique massage technique combined with acupuncture and modern medical rehabilitation training, which can be intervened in the early stage of facial paralysis, with remarkable curative effect.


Common massage techniques:


Kaitian eye method, two dragons out of the water, yin and yang fish type, heaven and earth unity, upgrade Sanyang, through the governor, call the palace gate, lotus bloom, the ferris wheel, the tenth dagger, the stage to receive merit.


Rehabilitation training: For the frontal muscles, orbicularis muscles, iliac muscles, levator horn muscles, upper lip muscles, lower lip muscles, lowering angle muscles for training or resistance training.


Patients are welcome to see a doctor. Rehabilitation outpatient visit address: Room 202, 2nd floor, inpatient ward, Tel: 88229657