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Hu Dan: Looking up and looking forward to learn from each other, leading the departmental nursing team to internationalization

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Comrade Hu Dan graduated from 1991 and has been working in nursing for 27 years. She has worked in nursing management for 13 years. She has served as a surgical nurse, orthopedic nurse, nurse in the encephalopathy center, and acupuncture nurse. She has been engaged in nursing management in the encephalopathy center and acupuncture department. As a head nurse, she not only has excellent nursing expertise and skills, but also has accumulated rich experience in nursing management. No matter where she is, she is able to take care of her work with full spirit and professional attitude.




Hu Dan's department of acupuncture and moxibustion is the first-level clinical department of our hospital. There are 26 nursing staff in the department, which undertakes the nursing work of the outpatient and ward. As a nursing manager, she does not forget her initial thoughts and leads by example, leading the nursing team to keep moving forward with the latest management concepts. Since becoming the head nurse in 2005, the department has always adhered to the "patient-centered" concept to serve patients, the level of thinking of department staff has increased, the number of departmental nursing services has increased, and the quality of service has improved. As the first batch of departments of our hospital to carry out “quality nursing service”, the acupuncture department has always adhered to the principle of “rigorous, harmonious, orderly and efficient”, providing the best quality service for patients and receiving praise from patients. With the continuous development of Chinese medicine in recent years, the acupuncture department in which it is located is a department with outstanding characteristics of Chinese medicine in our hospital. The nursing team is based on the traditional Chinese medicine nursing of “skilled, diligent, compliant, and patiently ill”. The concept, learning Chinese medicine, and using traditional Chinese medicine, continuously deepen the connotation construction of Chinese medicine nursing, actively carry out dialectical protection, use Chinese medicine thinking to carry out work, continuously expand Chinese medicine nursing operation technology, and provide patients with high quality and satisfactory Chinese medicine nursing services. In addition, the acupuncture department serves as the “Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Characteristic Demonstration Post” and fully exerts its radiation function. It has been engaged in the “Haidian District Health System TCM Nursing Professionals” training base for four consecutive years, and has provided more services to the community and some first- and second-level hospitals. A famous Chinese medicine nursing backbone talent.




As the saying goes, "three-point treatment, seven-point nursing", nursing work is particularly important in the process of disease recovery. In order to promote patients' understanding of disease health knowledge, head nurse Hu Dan took the lead in leading department nursing staff in the outpatient hall and inpatient ward respectively. Regularly carry out lectures on TCM knowledge, lead everyone to do TCM exercises, and actively participate in the clinics and health talks of nearby communities. The content extends from the initial disease-related knowledge and rehabilitation knowledge to the health knowledge of health care and treatment. It has been well received by patients and residents.




The nursing work mode of acupuncture and moxibustion department: outpatient-patient-home-outpatient, providing one-stop continuous nursing service for patients, and conducting telephone follow-up work for patients who have recovered from hospital, not only to understand the recovery of patients after discharge, but also Targeted patients' correct lifestyles and seek patient satisfaction and advice to continually improve future care. To this end, the head nurse Hu Dan began to improve the telephone return visit content, and guided the departmental nursing staff to carry out continuous nursing work such as telephone follow-up and satisfaction survey. Because of this, the satisfaction of inpatients and discharged patients in the acupuncture department has remained above 95%.




The combination of Chinese and Western is the characteristic of our hospital. Our clinical work should not only be based on the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine, but also pay attention to the study and sublimation of Western medicine. It is this point of concern. When the hospital successfully declared to be the organizer of the TCM International Medical Tourism Service Package, the acupuncture department of the head nurse Hu Dan actively responded to the call, and the nursing team led by him also cooperated with the hospital in the first time. Work hard to carry out various tasks. As of 2017, the representative hospital of the Acupuncture Department received visits and exchanges from nursing colleagues from 7 countries. At the same time, in order to make up for the lack of oral English for nursing staff, foreign students were hired to come to the hospital for oral English training. As the head nurse Hu Dan said, "Our nurses not only need to familiarize Chinese and Western medicine knowledge, but also look up and look forward to learn from each other's strengths!"




Due to his outstanding work performance, Hu Dan himself was awarded the title of “Advanced Individual in Health System in Haiding District”, “Excellent Nurse in Capital” and “Youth in the Youth Position”. The nursing team led by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association was also outstanding. The title of “National Excellent TCM Specialized Nursing Department” and the “Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine System Excellent Nursing Group” awarded by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was awarded “National Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Advanced Nursing Service Advanced Ward” by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. On the occasion of this year's Nurses Day, the head nurse Hu Dan was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award for Nursing Services” by the Haidian District Health and Family Planning System in Beijing!




Hu Dan practiced the spirit of Chinese and Western medicine with his own practical actions, inheriting the Chinese and Western medicine culture, and shouldering the mission of Chinese and Western medicine. In the future development path, she will not forget the initial heart and continue to contribute to the development of the hospital.

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Hu Dan: Looking up and looking forward to learn from each other, leading the departmental nursing team to internationalization
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