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Caring for the elderly and promoting the health of the elderly - July 18th "Haidian District Elderly Health Day"

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In order to actively adapt to the needs of population aging development, comprehensively promote the combination of medical and health care services, and realize the goal of the elderly to be able to enjoy efficient and convenient medical care services in time. Haidian District carries out national-level medical care according to the Beijing Haidian District. In conjunction with the spirit of the Pilot Work Program (Hai Zheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 47) document, the Haidian District Government Standing Committee reviewed and approved, and since July 2017, July 18th of each year is the “Haidian District Elderly Health Day”.
This morning, the Medical Services Joint Disease Control Division actively carried out health clinics and missions in the hospital and in the Ganjiakou community.
Elderly Chronic Disease Health Seminar:
For the common urinary diseases in the elderly, the urology doctor Wang Qingjie is easy to understand, and the knowledge of prostate hyperplasia is explained. A self-examination table of prostate hyperplasia was issued, and the residents were asked to self-examine prostate hyperplasia. Answer residents' questions.




Three-volt paste acupoint application:
Today is the second day of the first time, it is a good time to treat chronic diseases of the respiratory system. We have applied for free for residents.




Free blood glucose measurement:
During the testing process, we found that a diabetic patient had a marked increase in postprandial blood glucose, and told the patient to seek medical advice, adjust medication, and control blood sugar. As the deputy chief physician of TCM internal medicine, Director Zhang Jing is a resident of the clinic, explaining the pulse and explaining the knowledge of TCM health.




Issue a mission prescription:
The residents took the diet and the Chinese citizens' health literacy 66, and called on the residents to scan the QR code to join the 100-day health promotion organized by the Beijing CDC. We hope that by learning health knowledge, residents can improve their health literacy, actively avoid bad habits, and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and accidents.
We will take the health promotion day as an opportunity to do a good job in the elderly health service in Haidian District, and take advantage of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. We will use the combination of medical care and nutrition to enter the community and the old-age care institutions to provide services for the elderly in the area, so that the elderly can be healthy and healthy.
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Caring for the elderly and promoting the health of the elderly - July 18th "Haidian District Elderly Health Day"
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