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Into the volt, Chinese and Western medicine called you to "winter disease summer cure"

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Xiao Bian said: Yesterday, it was officially inflicted! This year's "three days" time lasted for 40 days, and it was the season of three-volt stickers. Are you ready?
The following is a small editor of science time: Sanfu paste as one of the important methods of winter disease in summer, originated from the "Yellow Emperor Yangjing" theory in the "Spring and Summer Yangyang", is a characteristic therapy in traditional Chinese medicine therapy. The mechanism lies in the fact that the human body has the strongest yang, and it is applied to specific acupoints by external application to promote the operation of blood and blood, so as to achieve the effect of invigorating yang, removing cold evil and improving external functions.
On July 4, 2018, our hospital started the work of three-volt stickers, actively organized the medical staff in the hospital to learn the spirit of the document and participated in the training of the Haidian District Health Planning Commission. Later, the backbone of the relevant departments of the Medical Affairs Department of our hospital conducted 2 trainings on the “Three-Vateness of Characteristic Medical Treatment” in the hospital.




This three-volt paste is mainly for Wenyang Huayu acupoint stick and Xiaochuan cream. It is suitable for chronic respiratory diseases (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis), children, senile physical susceptibility, repeated cough (respiration) Infected people, training on acupoint application methods, indications and operation specifications for acupoint sticking, requiring detailed registration of the applicator, recording the time of application and adverse reactions.
At present, the departments of respiratory medicine, pediatrics, acupuncture and moxibustion, otolaryngology and other related departments are responsible for the arrangement, and have carried out propaganda and announcements and appointment consultations, and actively carried out the business of three-volt stickers. The Pharmacy Department actively coordinates and cooperates with relevant departments and medical departments, including making and receiving materials.
The three-volt stickers are divided into male and female clinics, and the patient's privacy is fully respected.




The acupuncture department is also equipped with a special application room to ensure the smooth application of the application.




Otolaryngology and pediatrics are based on the diagnosis of patients' diseases, patiently explain to patients, select points, apply, and pay attention to related matters.






The medical department organizes a health pension team, and goes deep into the Yangfangdian senior apartment and Wanshou Road community street to provide on-site services for the elderly with chronic respiratory diseases and susceptibility to pediatric physique. Blood pressure and blood glucose measurement according to the patient's condition, cumulative application 30 For the rest of the population, the blood sugar and blood pressure were measured by more than 50 people, and more than 30 people were investigated. At the same time, the nursing staff were asked how to apply and give the materials, and informed them of the precautions to guide the living of the old people.






Thanks to the trust and support of the patients and friends, I wish each patient a satisfactory result, so that the chronic respiratory disease does not occur or less when the winter is cold!

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Into the volt, Chinese and Western medicine called you to "winter disease summer cure"
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