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Party building ground

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Party building ground

Learn Lei Feng and send love to the elderly

“幼人之幼,老人之老。其予人也,必也度人之境,予人之需受,怀人之可受”,这是被大众所认知的《雷锋精神赋》中的一句。    在3月5日学雷锋日,妇产科支部和门二支部的党员们有感而发,要在雷锋精神的指引下自发组织为永定路西里小区敬老院的老人们义诊,送去关爱。  雷锋精神激励着我们前行。    敬老院里二十多位老人平均年龄都在七十多岁,生活起居都需要人照顾,日常保健中血压的监测也是老人们非常关心的内容之

"The youngest child, the old man is old. It is also a person who will also be a human being, and will be subject to the needs of others." This is the "Lei Feng Spiritual Fu" recognized by the public. One sentence.




On March 5th, Xue Feng Day, the party members of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch and the Second Branch of the Department of Health, had a sense of self-discipline, and under the guidance of Lei Feng’s spirit, they spontaneously organized the old people’s clinics of the Yongli Road Siri Community Retirement Center and sent them to care.
The spirit of Lei Feng inspired us to move forward.




The average age of more than 20 elderly people in nursing homes is more than 70 years old. People need to take care of their daily lives. The monitoring of blood pressure in daily health care is also one of the things that old people are very concerned about. Volunteers use manual sphygmomanometers for each elderly person. Carefully measure blood pressure and compare it with the values measured by the electronic sphygmomanometer to reduce the error in blood pressure monitoring.




They also chatted with the old people, and often laughed at the old people. At the end of the day, the old people also affirmed our professionalism. I hope that the branches will organize similar activities and provide them with more professionalism. Health guidance.




This time, the clinic has been successfully completed. As a party member, we must continue to learn from Comrade Lei Feng, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, and let more and more live Lei Feng in life.