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Chinese medicine care creates new achievements

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On January 9th, the Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau organized experts to inspect the acupuncture department of the Chinese Medicine Specialized Nursing Demonstration, and the vice presidents of the business, Li Pin and Yin Zhanxia. At the meeting, Hu Dan, the head nurse of the Acupuncture Department, reported on the development of the TCM Characteristic Nursing Demonstration Post in the past two years, and the achievements, and proposed the next work ideas.
At present, the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion will take "patient-centered" as a service concept, and implement the comprehensive nursing of integrated Chinese and Western medicine to provide patients with high-quality and safe full-course satisfactory services with Chinese medicine characteristics. In the clinic, the nursing staff fully exerts the subjective initiative, and combines the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine with the work of high-quality nursing services, and integrates the concepts of “holistic nursing” and “dialectical protection” into clinical nursing practice, in the observation of the condition and clinical application. Comprehensive care and guidance for patients in nursing, medication, emotional care, health guidance, and life care.
The inspection experts fully affirmed the highlights highlighted in the work of the Chinese Medicine Specialized Nursing Demonstration Post in our hospital. It is pointed out that the first is that the hospital leadership attaches great importance to the construction of the demonstration post, the organization is sound, and the safeguard measures are in place; the second is to attach importance to the training of Chinese medicine nursing talents. Taking the medical name of traditional Chinese medicine experts one-on-one with traditional Chinese medicine nursing backbone, the Chinese medicine nursing research is actively carried out, and the academic achievements are remarkable; the third is that the special funds are matched and the management norms are used; the fourth is that the nursing work is implemented in a solid manner, the management is in place, and the patients are regularly performed. TCM nursing satisfaction survey, and analysis and continuous improvement measures.
We will take this inspection as an opportunity to give full play to the radiation effect of the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialized Demonstration Post" in the future work, and promote the improvement of the level of traditional Chinese medicine specialty nursing services in the hospital, so that the Chinese medicine nursing work will take longer and last longer. More deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
(Text / Nursing Department Sun Yi Ning)
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