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Nursing management and quality of care

Nursing management staff structure: 2 nursing staff, 1 nursing quality control, 17 nurses. There are 17 college graduates, accounting for 85% of the total number of nursing management personnel; 17 supervisors and supervisors, accounting for 85% of the total number of nursing management personnel.
Nursing management implements the second-level management of the head nurse under the leadership of the vice president of business. Nursing management begins with the construction of the head nurse team. Each year, the head nurse is sent to participate in the management and professional training courses organized by the Beijing Nursing Association, and the head nurse management class is organized to update the concept and improve the management level; constantly improve and improve various rules and regulations. , quality standards, various nursing routines, operating procedures, nursing procedures, etc., organized the preparation of "Chinese and Western medicine nursing routine", "Chinese and Western medicine nursing operation procedures", organized learning implementation, to achieve management institutionalization, standardization, standardization. Running the comprehensive information system of nursing management, realizing the network management of nursing; taking the rigorous and realistic, brave innovation as the working concept, maximizing the potential of the head nurse, encouraging and assisting the department to carry out innovative projects (specialist nursing innovation, service content innovation, management mode innovation) ), to create a hospital integrated Chinese and Western medicine specialist care brand.
The quality of care is subject to three levels of quality inspection and management (ie, responsible nurses, primary nurses, head nurses - nursing department), paying attention to the quality of the link and the quality management of the end; according to the professional expertise of the head nurse, a quality inspection team is set up to conduct regular inspections; The quality inspection situation will be summarized and analyzed in the month, and improvement measures will be formulated to continuously improve the quality of care. Nursing work has achieved good results in hospital quality evaluation, creation of people's satisfaction hospital, performance appraisal inspection and midwifery evaluation and inspection, and has been highly appraised by inspection experts.
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