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World Breastfeeding Week

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August 1-7, 2016 is the 25th World Breastfeeding Week. The theme of this year's Breastfeeding Week is: "Breastfeeding is the key to sustainable social development." Protecting, supporting and promoting breastfeeding is our unshirkable responsibility.
The benefits of breastfeeding
The benefits of breastfeeding for babies: Breast milk is the ideal natural food for babies. It contains all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of infants from 0 to 6 months, and is most easily digested and absorbed. Breast milk contains unique antibodies that prevent respiratory infections, allergies, diarrhea and other diseases. Breastfeeding can increase the feelings between mother and baby. When the baby is breastfeeding in her mother's arms, she can hear her mother's heartbeat and get more comfort. When breastfeeding, the baby's and mother's line of sight communication is conducive to the child's emotional development. At the same time, it can also promote the baby's oral development and prevent the child's teeth from occlusion.
The benefits of breastfeeding for mothers: Since breastfeeding promotes the secretion of oxytocin in the mother's body, it can promote uterine involution and prevent postpartum hemorrhage. By suppressing ovulation and ovulation during lactation, it is possible to delay the mother's re-pregnancy and the time of female menopause.
The benefits of breastfeeding for the family: Breastfeeding not only benefits mothers and children, but also reduces the amount of money spent on the family. The temperature of the milk flowing out from the mother body is suitable, and can be given to the child at any time. The formula milk needs to be prepared in advance, and the temperature of the milk needs to be well controlled to avoid scalding the child, and the breastfeeding is more convenient, and the disinfection of the milk is reduced. The trouble also reduces the possibility of contamination of the milk.
The benefits of breastfeeding for society: Children who eat breast milk will develop better physically. Even if the mother goes to work, she will reduce her leave because of her child's health. Breastfeeding also helps her baby's intellectual and emotional development.
Achieving successful breastfeeding is the mother's wish, and building confidence is the first step in promoting breastfeeding success. Like all mammals, babies should start breastfeeding when they are born. Don't worry that your child won't eat or eat enough. Because this is human instinct, the sooner you apply this ability, the mother and the child will be more Adapt to each other early. Do not easily add milk to the baby bottle for 0-6 months, because once the pacifier is used once, the baby's illusion of nipple has a serious impact on the success of breastfeeding. Early contact, early sucking and early opening of milk are the key to promoting the success of breastfeeding. In the first hour after birth, the newborn is held in the mother's arms, the skin is contacted with the mother, and the baby is sucked on the breast. The so-called on-demand breastfeeding is as long as the child wants to eat and feed, and there is no time limit for artificial feeding.
Breast milk is the most precious gift that nature gives to humans. Lactation is the golden season for the development of human emotional intelligence. In the process of breastfeeding, women are not only the most ideal natural food, but also the philosophy of love, the art of love, and the wisdom and sound personality of interpersonal communication. Let us join hands to support and promote breastfeeding.
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