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Heart rehabilitation, how much do you know?

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As people's awareness of coronary heart disease increases, it is found that the disease is the result of a combination of multiple risk factors, including unchangeable factors (such as age and gender), as well as factors that can be changed (such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes) And smoking). Moreover, the damage caused by coronary heart disease is not limited to the heart part, but also includes decreased lung function, systemic skeletal muscle function damage, decreased mobility, and mental and mental disorders. Therefore, comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation can alleviate the symptoms of patients, improve their ability to participate in physical activity and social activities, and improve the overall quality of life. Therefore, the treatment of coronary heart disease is not limited to acute drug treatment, surgery or interventional therapy, but a series of comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation treatment should be carried out in the acute and stable phases of coronary heart disease. Cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment, including a wide range of content, of which sports therapy is one of the main contents. Sports therapy mainly includes: sports form, exercise intensity, exercise time, exercise frequency, sports attention matters, etc. Studies have shown that cardiac rehabilitation can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular accidents, mortality, improve the patient's psychological and social functions, reduce medical expenses, and the earlier the rehabilitation treatment, the more obvious the effect. The patient's second admission will result in a total cost of more than 30,000 yuan, while the cost of cardiac rehabilitation is 2000-4000 yuan, avoiding a series of heavy economic burdens caused by secondary hospitalization.
On the afternoon of July 4th, 2016, the Chinese Medical Association Association of Chinese and Western Medicine, the Cross-Strait Medical and Health Exchange Association Cardiac Rehabilitation Committee, and the “Heart Rehabilitation Grassroots Series Tour” lecture organized by the Department of Cardiovascular and Vascular Medicine in our hospital. The first meeting room on the sixth floor of the building was successfully held. The tour invited experts such as Li Siwei, Wu Yue, Li Xiang and the cardiologists of Guang'anmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to visit the hospital.

At present, cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention have been linked to the clinical treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, due to the promotion of experts such as the China Cardiovascular Society and the China Rehabilitation Medicine Association, more and more cardiovascular doctors have begun to realize and understand that cardiac rehabilitation can bring benefits to clinical work, patients and even the country and society. A consensus has emerged: cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention can help people improve their lifestyle habits, reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease progression, reduce recurrence and mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease, improve the effectiveness of clinical cardiovascular therapy, and reduce medical care. Cost and significantly improve the quality of life of patients.



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