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Where the flower of life blooms

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Obstetrics and Gynecology is known as the place where the flower of life blooms. It shoulders the responsibility of holding two lives in one hand. The birth of each new life adds a few surprises and joys to this place.
However, the busy work of nurses here is something that others cannot imagine. The child was born, the new mothers don't know how to care, and some of the old people's habits are not appropriate, which requires the nurses to patiently explain the scientific knowledge of baby. Many mothers "will not breastfeed", and the maternity nurses are more than half an hour, and they teach the mothers the correct way to feed.
Our efforts have been recognized by the patients and their families. A letter of thanks for the moment between the lines of the thank you letter, "I am very grateful to the nurse doctor here, very good, take care of me and my baby very well. I can see you every day. Smiley, the environment here is very good, the attitude is very good." "Good, just because of trust, I came here." "Two lives, of course, we must choose a professional hospital to have children." "Technology is good for the family to rest assured, and the service is good for us." "Thank you for the meticulous and thoughtful service provided by your hospital, let us feel the warmth of the doctors and patients. Thank you doctors and nurses for their care. Thank you very much!"
Expecting a baby in October is one of the most enjoyable experiences in life. Every expectant mother has heard more or less the terrible pain of childbirth from her mother or sister friend. Therefore, safe and comfortable delivery is particularly important. Timely observation of the labor process to ensure the safety of the baby, and to minimize the pain of the mother, so that the mother can easily become a mother. However, not every woman can give birth so smoothly, amniotic fluid embolism, postpartum hemorrhage, etc. pose a great threat to the life of the mother and the fetus. The treatment of high-risk pregnancy and the rescue of critically ill pregnant women in the obstetrics and gynaecology department of our hospital also Has accumulated a wealth of experience, so that many high-risk maternal women turn to safety, so that the baby is born smoothly. Children's health and mother's safety are the common pursuit and wish of our general medical staff!
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