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Eye care for patients under head and face plastic surgery under general anesthesia

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Plastic surgery has become an emerging industry in the world market. With the formation of the overall health concept, the development of China's beauty industry is also rapidly increasing. After many people have been satisfied with food, clothing, housing and other aspects, they have begun to have higher requirements for their appearance.
In recent years, the number of head and face surgery projects in the Department of Plastic Surgery has increased. When performing head and face surgery under general anesthesia, the patient is temporarily in a state of mental loss. Due to the interaction between general anesthesia and muscle relaxants, the patient's eyelashes reflect and instantaneously. The reflex is disappeared, the eyelids cannot be completely closed, and the cornea is not wetted and protected. In addition, the surgical light is stimulated. If there is no proper eye protection in the operation, it may cause the occurrence of exposed keratitis. Postoperative dizziness, tearing, pain, and severe corneal congestion, corneal ulcer and even blindness. For general anesthesia in other areas, we only need to close the eyes of the patient after anesthesia, and use the infusion paste to stick the upper and lower eyelids of each eye together, and the cornea can be effectively protected from damage by not pressing the eyeball. The special point of the face surgery of the plastic surgery department is that it needs to reach the disinfection area of ​​the whole face or even the hairpin. If the eyes are adhered before disinfection, the disinfectant can not be adhered firmly due to the infiltration of the disinfectant. If it is pasted after disinfection, the eyes are not protected during the disinfection process, and the disinfectant may enter the eyes and cause injury. How can we not only affect disinfection, but also effectively protect the eyes of patients? In response to this problem, Director Han Lei and Head Nurse Guo Shulan used the morning meeting time to discuss with everyone and solicited the opinions and suggestions of Director of Plastic Surgery Hu, and finally decided to anesthesia. After that, the cornea is protected with erythromycin eye ointment, and then the face is disinfected. Finally, the nurse is glued to the eyelids with a sterile film, and the eye care is completed in two steps, which not only ensures the safety of the patient, but also does not affect the operation of the operator. . The proper handling of a small detail has been affirmed by the surgeon and is also a learning and improvement for our caregivers.
In the operating room nursing work, the details are the basis for improving the quality of surgical services and the key to ensuring medical safety. Therefore, we do not miss any hidden dangers that may cause harm to patients, and find problems in time to communicate and solve problems in time. By making the details of the work done, the patient and the surgeon can be satisfied, the quality of care can be improved, and medical safety can be guaranteed.
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