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Chinese medicine high colon lavage

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High-grade colonic lavage therapy (also known as colon dialysis) is a new treatment route for oral administration and injection. The colon dialysis machine is a device for high-level perfusion and low-level excretion established in the colon. The semi-permeability of the colonic mucosa makes the dialysate and the mucosal tissue capillaries diffuse, penetrate and exchange, thereby eliminating the metabolic toxins in the body and correcting the imbalance of water, electrolytes and acid-base.
High-grade Chinese medicine colon dialysis treatment technology indications are:
1 Chronic kidney disease (ckd) 3~5 patients, serum creatinine 178~772umol/L
2 CKD stage 5 patients who are not suitable for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, especially elderly patients
3 patients who have undergone hemodialysis treatment can help reduce the number of dialysis.
4 other patients need colonic lavage of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine colonic treatment of patients such as elderly habitual constipation, diabetic gastroparesis, diabetes with gastrointestinal neuropathy.
5 patients who need colon cleansing and bowel preparation (preoperative preparation, postoperative laxative, preparation for various intestinal microscopy).
The Department of Nephrology has been developing high-grade colonic lavage for traditional Chinese medicine for more than one year. The experience of chronic renal failure developed by Professor Li Jianmin, an academic leader, is used in colon dialysis, which reduces serum toxins and stabilizes renal function. Delayed the patient's progress into hemodialysis. In addition, through more than a year of practice, colon dialysis has also achieved good results in improving constipation, diarrhea, detoxification and beauty, and the treatment process is comfortable and painless, and patients are willing to accept.
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