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Developing endoscope room

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In the first half of 2015, with the support of the hospital's leadership, the endoscope room of our hospital has made great progress in all aspects of work with the help of the brother department.
The endoscope is more sophisticated in terms of operational techniques for common gastroscope, colonoscopy, and painless endoscopy, and is also actively performing various types of gastrointestinal lesions. It has won the trust of patients and the satisfaction of their families. In July this year, a special patient came to our endoscope room. Dr. Wang Yuhua, an endoscopic room doctor, found that the patient had a larger polyp on the esophagus when he gave the patient a gastroscope. treatment. Arrange for hospitalization immediately. Everyone knows that the space in the esophagus is very narrow and the blood vessels are very rich. If the doctor is not skilled or the medical care is not in place, there is a risk of perforation and bleeding. So it is not easy to perform an electric cut in a narrow space. Through our full preparation and accurate judgment of the doctor, with the close cooperation of the medical staff, the polyp on the esophagus was successfully removed and the wound was hemostasis, and the first esophageal polypectomy was successfully completed.
The number of endoscopy cases in the first half of the endoscope room has exceeded the total number of endoscopes in 2014. These 456 endoscopy examinations not only reflect the increase in the number, but also reflect the joint efforts of the medical staff of the respiratory digestive department. The endoscope room staff united and cooperated to overcome difficulties, and successfully completed all the work without additional staff and double the workload. No medical errors occurred, which is also recognition of the work of the medical staff of the endoscope room.
We believe that the endoscope room will continue to develop new technologies in the future work, and better reward patients with new technologies, and strive to become a brand department of the hospital.
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