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Doctors and patients are not in love

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Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, it is already in March. When we still have the reluctance of New Year’s Eve and the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival has passed. Every year's Spring Festival holiday is a relatively quiet time for the hospital. Most patients will choose to see the disease and hospitalization after the year, and we are a special group, and we must stick to the position at any time.
We have also complained that work is too tired, and we have envied others to enjoy normal holiday life. However, on New Year's Eve, when you are concentrating on the monitor, you are looking up at a moment when you see a squatting old man holding a few apples in your hand and walking towards you; when you wear a smile in the spring morning When the ward is performing treatment for the patient, the old population who has not spoken for a long time in the hospital bed is vaguely saying "Girl, Happy New Year"; when you are taking oral medicine for the patient, the cup is held tightly in the hands of the dry hands. A few pieces of sugar sneaked into your pocket... This familiar scene touched us again and again.
For the old patients who are often hospitalized repeatedly, whenever they leave the hospital, we will send a caring: "You go home and raise it, please remember to call us if you have any questions." Just a few days ago, a kind and kind grandmother, after many hospitalizations, still couldn’t survive this year’s Lantern Festival. After sending the old man away, my colleague inadvertently said, "Our old patients are getting less and less." After a moment of silence, I discovered that we had already developed an unspeakable emotion inadvertently. After facing too many deaths and deaths, we thought that we might be sad, sad, and even crying after they passed away.
While using professional knowledge and skilled technology to protect patients' health, they use the warmest words, the most concerned eyes, and the most touching way to give back to us. This kind of penetration is in the life of a little bit, but only belongs to the doctor. The emotion between the patients should be the doctor-patient relationship that arises inadvertently!
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