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Unforgettable moment, nurse cap ceremony and 5.12 International Nurses Day commendation meeting

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The sunshine in May is particularly bright, and the flowers in May are particularly beautiful. In this season of birds and flowers, the beginning of the summer, we ushered in the 105th "5.12 International Nurses Day". In order to promote the spirit of Nightingale burning itself to illuminate others, show the grace of the Chinese and Western medical care team, motivate young nurses, and recognize outstanding nursing workers. Under the strong support of the leaders of the hospital, the Ministry of Nursing held a cap ceremony and commendation ceremony on May 10, 2016 with the theme of “The Tree Head New Style Exhibition Angel Style”.
The conference kicked off in the warm "Angel of the Side" photo exhibition. Dean Wang Guanbao gave an opening speech, and the leading group of the hospital representative of Wang Yuan expressed deep blessings and condolences to the nurses. He pointed out that in the hospital's active striving for the "three tops" to achieve leapfrog development, we need every nurse, with good psychological quality, superb business skills and good service. Create extraordinary performance in ordinary positions, and strive to achieve a new level of nursing work!
At the meeting, we were also honored to have the head nurse of the Nightingale Medal, Mr. Yan Shuqing, as the nursing worker of the older generation to give a cap to the younger generation. Under the stage, the leaders of the hospital gave the title nurse hats and nurses the title of the hats. This is the first time since the establishment of the hospital. The ceremony is sacred and solemn. The swaying candlelight is reflected on the face of every nurse and shines into everyone's heart. Respecting life and protecting health is the promise that nurses always keep!
Next, the winners of the Nursing Knowledge Labor Competition, the Chinese Medicine Nursing Training Department and the Excellent Nurses were commended. The leaders of the hospital took the stage to present certificates and photos, and the executive vice president Xu Chunfeng encouraged the commended collectives and individuals to cherish the honor, carry forward the achievements, create new achievements, and put forward the ardent hope: hope that the nursing sisters continue to use superb technology and quality care. Provide reliable, safe and satisfactory medical services for the majority of patients.
During the activity, there was a literary program interspersed with acupuncture and moxibustion, and the poems of the acupuncture and moxibustion were like "You are like a song", the drama of the respiratory department, "Angel's Dream"; the episode of the Department of Encephalology, "Quality Care"; "The letter written by a mother", the whole process has laughter and tears, simple and popular and thought-provoking. The conference ended in the chorus of "The Same as You" in the Department of Cardiology. Yin Zhanxia, ​​secretary of the party committee, sent a message to the nurses and sisters:
Your face is like a flower, and your face is like a jade.
Your body is like a phoenix, you are so beautiful.
Your heart is like water, crystal clear
Your footsteps are like a weaving, light and healthy
For a noble profession
For the pursuit of no regrets
For no complaints
For the Chinese and Western medicine
Your responsibility is like a mountain, like a rock
Your contribution is like the wind, fluttering with peace.
Your career is like spring rain like winter snow, high pressure holy
Without you, medical care is impossible to talk about, it is difficult to expel the disease.
Without you, recovery can't be reproduced, and the window of the soul is hard to see.
Mission, an extraordinary achievement
Risk has created the leader of today
Work hard and stick to create the brilliant future of Chinese and Western medicine!
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