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Standardized service exhibition style, high-quality nursing brand, remembering our hospital 5.12 nurses day commendation meeting

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To celebrate the 5.12 International Nurses Day, to promote the spirit of Nightingale, to recognize outstanding nurses in our hospital and nurses with outstanding performance in standardized nursing services, the Ministry of Nursing held the afternoon in the first conference room of the outpatient clinic on the afternoon of April 17. “Standard Service Exhibition Style Quality Care Brand and 5.12 Nurse Day Commendation Conference”. A total of 100 representatives of the hospital leadership, functional section chiefs and nurse representatives attended the conference.
The commendation ceremony kicked off in the broadcast of the most beautiful pictures of the nurses, accompanied by beautiful music, a scene of clinical rescue, a selfless dedication in a cumbersome work, and a daily life. Happy smiles are presented in front of our eyes, capturing the wonderful moments of work and life from different perspectives, fully demonstrating the demeanor, respectable and lovely style of contemporary nurses.
Based on the external plastic image and the quality of internal training, the nursing team of our hospital has been built into a high-quality team with a standard of nursing behavior, elegant manners and warm and thoughtful service. The nursing department has been completed from the end of July 2013 to April 2014. This work. And taking Haidian to create a national civilized city as an opportunity, seriously look for blind spots and weaknesses in nursing work, increase the rectification of the environment, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of the department and the hospital's nursing services.
In the showcase of nursing standardization service training, the nurses dressed in neat white clothes with a sweet smile showed the nurses' professional etiquette one by one, giving people a harmonious beauty. The six-step hand washing method is integrated into the dance to perform, which is more vivid and impressive. The performance of the melodrama brought by the nursing staff, the material comes from real examples in daily work. Nurses face different work situations every day. How can they better control the situation, relieve stress, maintain a sincere smile and a sunny attitude to carry out nursing work, and get a good interpretation in these melodrama.
The conference commended two excellent service training bases for standardized services, 20 standardized service pacesetters and 20 excellent nurses. At the meeting, Li Jie, director of the nursing department, summarized the training and assessment of standardized services in our hospital. She stressed: I hope that the service model and training base will fully play the role of demonstration, drive every nursing staff in our hospital, normalize the standardization of nurses, and strive to build a high-quality team in our hospital to create high-quality care in our hospital. Brand, to the third-grade A Chinese and Western medicine combined hospitals!
Yin Zhanxia, ​​secretary of the party committee, was unable to attend the meeting because she went out to attend the meeting. He called the conference site to express the blessings of the festival to all the nursing staff during the busy schedule. At the same time, he affirmed the achievements of the nursing work in our hospital, emphasizing the majority of nursing staff in the hospital. It plays an important role in development and plays an irreplaceable role.
The vice president of business, Li Pin, made a speech at the conference. She asked the nursing staff of our hospital to continuously improve the service ability, create a special nursing brand, enhance the business ability, and create a professional level. Deeply understand the connotation and extension of nursing, improve the level of care, and ensure patient safety. Our hospital has many excellent nursing staff, and has played an exemplary role in the work. We sincerely hope that more “excellent nurses” will emerge in the nursing staff to make greater contributions to the construction and development of the hospital.
Finally, Guo Yan, a representative of Beijing's outstanding nurses from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, was selected by our hospital. Mr. Guo spoke about her touching deeds in her nursing position and her maternal health. She showed a hard-working experience. The demeanor of the excellent nurses shows the noble sentiments of the nursing staff in our hospital to serve the patients wholeheartedly.
The conference ended in a warm atmosphere.
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