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The 3rd Haidian District Health System Training Course for Chinese Medicine Nursing Professionals was successfully held

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From 5.28 to 6.17, the Acupuncture Department of our hospital successfully organized the third training course for Chinese medicine nursing professionals in the Health System of Haidian District. This training is honored to invite Mr. Jin Ningning from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine as the main lecturer of nursing papers and research. Director Zhao Hongwu of the Nursing Department attended the launching ceremony, affirmed the curriculum and expected goals of the training course, and expressed his wishes and expectations.
The training includes theoretical study and clinical training. Theoretical study is mainly taught in a five-day lecture, and clinical training is a three-day clinical practice. The participants of this training course are mainly from the clinical health care staff and leaders of 9 community health service centers, 1 top three hospitals and 1 second-level hospital in Haidian District.
The theoretical training of Chinese medicine continued the previous years' modules, which were the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine nursing theory, the operation of Chinese medicine nursing technology, the Chinese medicine nursing of common diseases and the nursing research.
This year's clinical training work arrangement is more humane. It not only conducts three days of concentrated training in the three training bases of acupuncture, nephrology, and plastic surgery, but the college can choose the training base and training according to the actual clinical needs. time. While ensuring that the trainees complete the training, they can also learn the clinical skills and knowledge that are really needed.
Since the acupuncture department of our hospital officially became the training base for Chinese medicine nursing professionals in the Haidian District Health System in 2014, it has successfully organized three training courses. The training work has also progressed from the initial “crossing the river by feeling the stones” to the “gradually on the right track”. Every organization work is a experience and growth. After the training work became the norm, we also accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the organization of the meeting and response to emergencies.
As the organizer of the event, we would like to thank all the lecturers for their careful preparation, thank all the staff for their hard work, thank the leaders of the hospital for their support, and thank all the trainees for their consistent adherence to the first level of support for Chinese medicine care! Looking forward to The work of the first training course is more perfect!
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