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First aid training, we are on the road

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First-aid technology is the key to the success of critically ill patients. It requires first-aiders to have a unique emergency awareness, sharp thinking, quick and accurate assessment of classification, and skilled emergency treatment techniques.
In this spring season, a group of girls full of sunshine and vitality, in full swing, carried out the study and assessment of the “in-hospital emergency specialist nurses forensics training class”. In this training, each participant is working hard to absorb the nutrients of knowledge and constantly enrich themselves.
Under the guidance of the Ministry of Nursing and the strong support of various departments, in February 2016, the training course for the hospital emergency nurses forensic training was officially launched. This training uses a combination of theoretical knowledge training and practical operation. Through a three-month training, the aim is to train a group of hospital emergency nurses to meet the needs of clinical and public health emergencies. The students listened carefully to taking notes in the class, and digested them under the class. Everyone used their spare time to practice the operation and conducted secondary training in the department to achieve the goal of improving the whole staff. On April 15, after the theoretical and operational assessment, the training was successfully completed. This is the starting point for a new starting point. We are always on the road to be an excellent first-aid nurse.
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