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The Ministry of Nursing organizes interns to conduct training in the Nurses Regulations

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In order to further strengthen the management and training of nursing interns, to better and faster adapt to clinical nursing work, regulate nursing behavior, and safeguard legal rights and interests. On July 3, the Ministry of Nursing organized a nursing intern in the hospital to conduct training on “Nurse Regulations and Nursing Safety”.
The training was delivered by the head nurse of the Department of Nursing, Jiang Hong, and a total of 61 nursing interns participated. The training provided a comprehensive interpretation of the importance of nurses and nursing work, the correct understanding and grasp of the Nurses Regulations, the clarification of the rights and duties of nurses, and the strengthening of the responsibilities of medical and health institutions.
This training can help nursing interns to understand the regulations correctly, master the duties, rights and obligations of nurses, standardize nursing behaviors, enable nurses to better and consciously do nursing work, improve the relationship between nurses and patients, and promote the healthy development of nursing. Play a certain role.
(Text / Nursing Department Sun Yi Ning)
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