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In the misty days, "Qingdu Baofei Drink" escorts your health

Beijing from December 16 to 21, heavy pollution red warning!!!!

Beijing from December 16 to 21, heavy pollution red warning!!!!


In order to effectively protect the public's physical and mental health during heavy polluted weather, the CDC took the lead in organizing emergency public awareness campaigns for air heavy pollution, and distributed free “Qingdu Baofei Drink” to patients for four consecutive days. Executive Vice President Xu Chunfeng also personally went to the outpatient hall. Guide the release of tea.




The volunteers gave the patients a generation of tea, and the patients who came to drink were in a constant stream.




Some patients have raised questions, can "Qingdu Baofei Drink" be able to prevent smog?


Director Liu Juan said (the director of the Department of Respiratory and Digestive Medicine, the "prescription of Qingdu Baofei Drink" agreement): Qingdu Baofei drink can not prevent smog, but can reduce the respiratory symptoms caused by smog, also applies to autumn Symptoms such as dry throat, nasal dryness, and phlegm caused by dry weather in winter, heat and heat, etc., have certain effects on improving immune function, preventing colds and flu.


Respiratory specialist tips: In the case of haze, we should do this:


1. Try to go out as much as possible to avoid outdoor activities. For outdoor activities, take protective measures such as wearing masks.


2. During the smog period, windows should be closed as much as possible to minimize indoor activities, especially activities such as cooking and smoking;


3. After going out to go home, it is recommended to wash your face, rinse your mouth, wash your nose and mouth, and take off your coat.


4. Try to drive less private cars. If you have to drive, please slow down;


5. Drink plenty of water to drink tea, eat light and eat more vegetables, and insist on taking medicine without forgetting;


6. Chinese medicine conditioning to help.


The prescription of "Qingdu Baofei Drink": Golden Lotus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Lily, Campanulaceae, and raw jaundice. Each pack is 1-2 packs per day, and each pack is brewed 2-3 times.




"Tongyan cough tea drink" prescription composition (renal medicine Li Jianmin modulation): 9 grams of ebony, 20 grams of Maimendong, 15 grams of raw licorice, 12 grams of Campanulaceae, 12 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of medlar. Two-day dose, five-flavored medicine brewing tea, preventing smog qi injury and laryngeal lung injury, in order to increase the taste can increase green tea.




In addition, the hospital also made anti-fog common sense missions, through the hospital website, Weibo, WeChat, and LED subtitles in the outpatient hall, making anti-fog common sense roll-ups, continuously rolling and spreading anti-fog Common sense, remind patients to pay attention to, and inform patients to choose the correct way to prevent fog. Thereby improving the public's self-protection knowledge and skills in heavily polluted weather and reducing the harm to heavy public weather on public health.

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