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Visiting doctor

Hu Shouru

job title
Director, MD, Deputy Chief Physician
Beauty, plastic surgery

Director of the Department, MD, Deputy Chief Physician.

Honorary member of the Korean Plastic Surgery Association

Member of the International Medical Plastic Surgery Association

Member of the Chinese Medical Association Plastic Surgery Branch, Beijing

Member of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society

Member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Beauty and Plastic Surgery, Beijing

Member of the Medical Aesthetics Committee of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Engaged in clinical work in beauty and plastic surgery for nearly 20 years, nearly 10,000 successful cases of cosmetic surgery. The face and face facial features and body (chest, waist, hip, limbs) beauty plastic, facial rejuvenation comprehensive treatment of cosmetic surgery, unique insight, skilled, focus on exploring their own characteristics, minimally invasive, sophisticated, personalized surgery.

Practice is good at: good at liposuction, autologous fat transplantation, facial facial features and breast plastic surgery, surgical features: no pain, minimally invasive, quick recovery, natural and reliable results!

He has published nearly 30 professional papers and participated in the writing of several monographs, especially the "Introduction of an Easy Technique for Purification and Injection of Autogenous Free Fat Particles in Correcting Facial Contour Deformities" published in the internationally renowned plastic surgery journal "Annals". Of Plastic Surgery.

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