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Visiting doctor

Zhang Haiwen

job title
Deputy Chief Physician
Emergency Department

Category:Expert clinic

Name: Zhang Haiwen

Department: Emergency Department

Professional: Endocrine endocrine

Title: Deputy Chief Physician

Visit time: Friday morning

Doctor Profile: Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine for Diabetes and Complications, TCM Syndrome.


Name Zhang Haiwen

Gender: Female

Affiliated Hospital Beijing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Department, emergency department

Deputy Chief Physician

Position no

Graduate School of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Degree: Master

Major social part-time job

Work experience In the 21st year of clinical practice, he has worked in geriatrics, neurology, and emergency department. He has been studying with Wang Shaofeng, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Beijing for 3 years.

Personal profile For 21 years, I am good at diagnosis, treatment and rescue of critically ill and serious diseases. I am good at treating diabetes and its complications with traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Chinese medicine treats internal medicine miscellaneous diseases and gynecological diseases.


Expertise Diabetes, irregular menstruation, medical emergency, malignant

Articles 1, 2006.05.10 Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis "Chinese Medicine Information", 2006, Volume 23, Issue 3

2,2005.04.15 Discussion on the etiology and pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome in Chinese medicine. Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2005, 4

3,2005.06.30 Shugan Jianpi method for the treatment of metabolic syndrome "Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine" 2005, 6

4, 2002.02.28 The fasting blood glucose level in the onset of type 2 diabetes patients predicts the function of islet cells in the future. Journal of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Vol.16, No.6, 6-6

Visit time Friday morning

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